2.8.3: Security and Minor Patch Release

Discourse 2.8.3 Stable Release

Discourse strongly recommends that all sites follow the default tests-passed branch of Discourse. The “stable” branch is more focused on lack of change than lack of bugs - all releases, including those on tests-passed and beta are production ready.


:warning: Rebuild required. The rebuild will update package versions to latest, and must be completed if the site has not be been rebuilt from the command line in the past day.


  • Update Nokogiri to 1.13.4.
  • Ensure user-agent-based responses are cached separately
  • Category group permissions leaked to normal users.
  • Avoid leaking private group name when viewing category.
  • Hide private categories in user activity export

Bug Fix:

  • Serialize permissions for everyone group
  • Show restricted groups warning when necessary


  • Don’t check this.element in @afterRender
  • Add pretender endpoint for category visible groups.
  • Fix failing share topic tests
  • Restore order assertion in category serializer tests.
  • Fix flaky specs