3rd Party Login- without admin access

I want to create a website where a user can login with a specific discourse’s site and redirect back to my website with some basic information such as the username, avatar, email & the user id. However, the main problem is, I do not have any administration access to said Discourse forum and was wondering if there was an approach I could take?

I’ve seen many different threads about SSO and/or User API keys.

I’ve seen I can read my session variables with URL/session/current.json but I don’t think that is obviously the best method to approach this. If anyone has any recommendations on what to do, or any threads to follow that will help with the problem I will highly appreciate your time!

Many thanks,

That would allow anybody to extract users email addresses from a forum, so that’s a no-no.


But the user would have to authorize the attempt, right?
Basically like an Oauth

Still not happening. The site owner is legally responsible for keeping that data confidential.