403 Forbidden denying a user

Hello all, I decided to spin up a Discourse Forum on my server but I have ran into some issues for instance when I try to allow a user or deny a user I get 403 Forbidden, If I try to edit a forum made by system I get 403 Forbidden so on so Fourth.
Hopefully someone can help resolve this issue :slight_smile:

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What post in specific is this?

What do you mean? if you’re talking about the post on my Forum it is the Welcome Message

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So you’re just seeing “403 forbidden” when trying ot edit the welcome message? Are you seeing anything else in yoursite.com/logs?

No last log I see was at 1:30 PST stating Deprecation notice: SiteSetting.secure_mediahas been deprecated. Please useSiteSetting.secure_uploads instead. (removal in Discourse 3.0) At /redacted/site_setting_extension.rb:211

That wouldn’t explain it. This is a fresh install with no plugins, right?

Yeah, no modifications made to it

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Hello and welcome @iota :slight_smile:

Just to check, is this a standard install following the guide?

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