404 page is missing sidebar and topbar links

To reproduce just go to any Discourse site and go to /404.html

Everything is missing.

There should be the search button along with my pfp, and the sidebar.

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Hmmm … we still have the login button though if you are not logged in. Why would we show the sidebar?

Moving this to #feature

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Helpful for navigation.

If you clicked a bad link for a forum you haven’t visited in a while, having the buttons right there are helpful, for say the Everything button or the chat links. I like having the sidebar for easy navigation between posts and the site in general

Traditionally 404s are about minimalism, look at:


Only thing you get is search. If you show too much people get confused and do not even think they are on a 404 page.


I think than at minimum we should have a pfp? Dont know, it kinda feels weird. I guess you’re right though, although all Discourse sites should 100% come with a library of dogs to display on the 404.

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+1 on that. Totally want some :dog::dog2:

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Low hanging fruit, but :man_shrugging:


Amazing. Just made the pull and I expect for it to be merged within 24 hours.

I’m joking if you can’t tell

Well, that traditon ended something like 20 years ago :wink:

For long time now everyone is trying to do 404 page as helpful as possible to offer to an user something else.

404-page of Discourse is not the worst, though. There is search plus lists of popular and latest. In perfect world it should offer some related content (that’s why we have categories and tags) because opposite to general believe 404 is almost never user’s error. It comes from site where is no proper 301 redirections.

Actually… getting 404 is always a mark of lazyness from site :wink:

But… is this something that the team should fix asap? No, but there is some bigger questionmarks with deleted content and easiness of creation of redirections. But these aren’t too high on major tasklist, I reckon. But I could guess it would be something that hosted big fishes would like.

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Can you please provide some mainstream examples to back this assertion with some concrete data? Especially ones that show a full sidebar on a 404


Do you mean examples of good 404-pages? There is not too many, because everyone is trying not to show 404 at all. And because site design of 404 is not usually done for user experience, it just for look and brand, so everything you find when doing some googling is purely graphic design.

But you can try CNN. They are offering every categories, but nothing that is related to content that poor user tried to reach.

That would be something that you guys could do better than everyone else. It suites to company strategy, I think.

I didn’t ask sidebars. Big screens aren’t mainstream any more and every devs should put their working hours to totally somewhere else than bulding sidebars and widgets.

But how’s like every WordPress? Majority of e-commerces?

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I guess it is just hard for me to understand what is being suggested here without some sort of visual mockup of a “before” / “after” on our 404 page.

The OP was asking for sidebar.

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Yes, mainly the sidebar and a pfp.