429 error when opening multiple topics

Hello folks,
I seem to be getting constant 429 errors when opening multiple tabs of topics.
Is there anything I can do to avoid that at all?

Thanks in advance

The 429 error means too many requests have been sent in a pre-specified amount of time, so if you are opening multiple tabs of topics, then the 429 error is to be expected. It is transient error, so after a short time you should be fine, but if you keep opening multiple tabs of topics, then the error will keep happening.


Yes, I have noticed that.
Was just wondering if this is a spam precaution and whether it can be disabled at least for admins?

See this topic Global rate limits and throttling in Discourse


How did you install discourse? If you look at the user IP numbers are they all the IP address of some reverse proxy? Or are they all coming from a single institution so that all users have the same IP number?

Self installation.
IPs are unique.

It would appear that you have things configured correctly and should see the rate limit topic linked source) above.

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Thank you Jay.
To my understanding this is configurable via the yaml file?

Yes. The linked document should tell you what to do.


Hi. We just migrated to Discourse but it seems that we are getting 429. We have a load balancer in front of our Discourse cluster. Not really sure if there’s somethings misconfigured on our Discourse installation or if it’s the load balancer’s fault. Can you share your insights?

I think that Running other websites on the same machine as Discourse shows how to include the correct setting to see that X-forwarded-for works correctly.

If you look at /admin /users or the rails log, do you see that all traffic is attributed to your load balancer?