A/B test inside the forum

Hi guys,

I’d like to test out 2 views of our forum. I can’t find any information if I could do it inside Discourse. Could we do it using some external tool?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “test out 2 views”. If you mean which theme members are using, you could query the database. That could be some indication of preference.

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You can’t do it directly within Discourse. An external A/B testing tool could potentially work, but it depends on how the tool works and the specifics of the test. There’s a lot of potential variation.

We tend to avoid doing A/B testing ourselves in favor of making individual changes and seeing how the community reacts.


A/B testing themes / theme components is something that I’ve had a sniff at in the past, and might come up with something useful as some point. If this is a project that anyone has interest in investigating (either with code help or sponsorship), feel free to reach out.