A plugin to "check" a portion of a post before it can be posted


A terrible title for my post, sorry xD

I’m looking for a plugin that i can use to make sure that when a post is created in a certain catagory, that certain info has been written correctly.

I want to use this for a buy/sale section of my forum, where i want people to write down their postal code, so everyone always can see how far away said item is.
This is also to “block” outsiders that aren’t in our area, so that they can’t post items for sale, if they are not in our area.

Our forum is for a rather small community living on a island. So we have 6-7 postal codes that would be accepted, and if it doesn’t match, they should not be able to post.

Can this be done?

Using the existing tools, is your community small enough to be able to vet these sellers first? You could set up a ‘request to join’ group to be able to approve them before adding, and then give create permissions in the buy/sell category to only that group.

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Hmm, that could be done i guess. So limiting the section of the forum with buy/sell to only vetted users?
I want this to run without having to accept users and posts manually if possible, but yes that could be a solution.

I’m very new to being an admin for discourse. Can the section be visible for everyone, and if they try to post/reply they automatically get denied, and can request access to the section then?

You can limit posting to just the group you specify. Visibility can be everyone. This would be achieved by creating a custom group or by using an existing Trust Level if you prefer. Given regular users are likely to be trustworthy and … local … using a Trust Level bar might be enough?

Consider the Locations Plugin if you want to users to record where they are. You can also tag a Topic with a location. There’s no enforcement but it may support what you are doing.

Also check out this Topic which covers similar ground: Ability to Block Discourse Access from Geographic Regions or Countries

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Just to add the guide to what @merefield said:

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This is perfect, thanks guys!

I’ve now set that everyone can see and reply to topics, but only the users i have approved can create new topics, just like i wanted!


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