A sandbox construction - community-managed

Hi there,

I’ve decided to create a community-managed forum which you can operate, for now it’s WIP but if you would like to help set it up just contact support-en@discourse.work, thanks!

It’s hosted on a $5 DigitalOcean server with 25GB disk space, etc.

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This is cool, but can you elaborate, what is the purpose of it?

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Currently there are no forums that are just hosted for the community purpose that they can test things so I’ve decided to make one - I’ve also introduced weekly theme and plugin installations so ever week members can suggest new plugins and we download them for the following week; if everyone enjoys them we credit the creator in a blog post and keep it.

What do you mean by “test things”? What kind of things?

Currently - things like plugins and themes but I know theme creator already supports themes so I’ll be looking for plugin testing and Discourse features as many don’t have the resources to start their own instance - time, money, etc (I’m aware of Oracle free hosting) - so they can test it on a public domain.

That’s a nice idea. In addition there is also this forum where you can use a demo version of Discourse. I support your community also.

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Thanks! Yeah - I based my idea off of try.discourse.org but that’s a stable version however I aim to allow community control (to a certain level of course) on discourse.work.

I’m not sure how much it will be useful. Users that look for plugins often already have their forum (I guess?).
Plus, you may install them, but users won’t have access to settings, which is very important when you want to try plugins’ features.

Anyway, good luck, I hope your quest will be successful :crossed_swords: :shield: