A seasonal message that reviews your impact in the community

The reading time is one of the most important kpi’s of a forum, as it shows how long you’ve listened to others and others listened to you.

As an engagement tool, it’d be great if a user’s reading time, and the time others spent reading his topic is sent to him in an automate message.

This can happen in the header of digests email as well, instead of number of likes received. But a separate message every while, e.g. every season, makes it more exciting.

I’d love to know how others think about this?


It should be opt-in. I’d be pissed if I got messages about my performance for no reason. :slight_smile:


Check out the Yearly Review plugin:


It can be, the same as digest.

And BTW, this works well for communities TripAdvisor.

Thanks for mentioning the plugin, Riking. I’ve also thought about it. This is a simpler concept, just sharing 2 personalized & important numbers with every contributor.

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As the number is visible in every user card do we need to duplicate it in messages? My inbox would not be enhanced by a series of PMs showing me a number I’m not hugely influenced by.