A simple filter inside the topic page

currently the “search this topic” option works great, as you can find anyone or any known post simply inside long discussions.

meanwhile the UI and the accessibility of the search result may be much better if the “search this topic” changes to a filter:

current search result:

possible search result if it behave like a filter; after you searched “ginger”- term in this topic:

In the filter-like “search this topic” you will be able to read all the posts that fit into your search simultaneously, without the need to lots of clicks and re-search’s.

Why? You can already filter a topic by user just by clicking on their avatar and pressing the Filter button.

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thanks, I didn’t know such a thing exists at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

such filter would be great to exist for words as well, especially for long discussions. name-search was one example of the goodness of a filter which already have been considered.

p.s.: “word-search in this topic” exist, and i’m just talking about the way to display the results in the page.

OK, I’m sure this is a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway. What Filter button where?

shown in red after I clicked on Angus Avatar in Topic-list-preview topic (note that Angus has more than one reply in that topic, otherwise you couldn’t see the filter icon):

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Thank you.

(I think I’m losing my marbles. :blush: I was sure that feature used to exist, but twice recently I’ve looked for it and failed to find it on our own forum. But it’s there now; I just checked. :upside_down:)