A system where people have to start at lesson 1, and cannot see the other lessons?

I currently have a private group of around 50 people.

Beginning Sunday, I am going to give them access to a course (created using Discourse Categories).

The session lasts for four months.

I am thinking of drip-feeding them a week’s worth of content at a time (Set up a Category called Week 1, containing seven different lessons in the form of threads).

Is it possible to create a system whereby people can join any time, but they have to start at Lesson 1, and cannot see the other lessons?


Let’s say I manually input 50 people into Lesson 1. They watch the videos and move on to Lesson 2. Then Fred Jones joins. I want to give him access to Lesson 1, but not 2, and I don’t want the original 50 people to lose access to Lesson 1.

Is this possible?

Also, I have already created these lessons (Categories). Is there a way of copying them (and deleting the responses from the students) while still keeping a version containing the students homework?


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Set up one group per Lesson and only allow access to these groups for each Lesson category.

Then, you can manually add people to the next group every week.

That’s labor intensive though.


Ok, thanks.

Do you have any advice on copying content from Category to Category, and then deleting homework assignments in one Category that won’t effect the other?

Not sure what you mean. Mind to elaborate?

What I did was to keep the assignments in a read-only category and had students create their work as topics in a category reserved for that section of the course. That allows students to come back to the course in the future to see their work and doesn’t require any deletion or moving of topics for new sections.

If you really want badly to drip-feed the stuff, you could have a plugin that added students to the next-week’s category on a schedule. I’d guess that $500-1000 in #marketplace would do that, depending on how much customization was possible in the plugin code vs the admin interface.


I have already typed out the assignments and added videos for the first week lessons for an earlier version of the course that people are still working on. Rather than write it all out again, I was wondering if there was an ability to copy Categories and the threads that they contain?

Search for " import export category "


Thanks for your help, Jay & Régis.

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