A way to include Discourse posts in Wordpress search results? Any clever ideas?

Let’s say you loads of informative articles in the Wordpress part of your site and then of course loads of informative conversations in the Discourse part of your site.

When you type a phrase into the Wordpress search box, it would be really cool if relevant Discourse threads could come up in addition to the relevant Wordpress articles.

Has anyone found a clever way to do this? This is not a deal breaker of course. It would just be really useful.


Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish this would be to use a custom search engine, like Elasticsearch or Algolia:

See this:



It could also be done by making a search request to Discourse through the Discourse API and including the results of that request with the WordPress search results.


Thanks @simon. I’m going to try that. I hadn’t realized the Discourse API had search functionality.

If you solve this do let us know here! My community would benefit greatly.

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I started a new thread with a solution I came up with here: