A way to see full list of users granted with a certain badge?


I’m looking for a way to make a list or filter users according to the badges they have.
Right now I can only see what badges an individual has by clicking on a user’s list of badges.
Can anyone help me?


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If you go to https://meta.discourse.org/badges you can see a list of badges available, and then click on one to see everyone who has that badge. Is that enough for you?

If you are an admin, you can export the user list and then import the csv export to excel, which you can then filter to see groups that people are in. Since many badges are based on groups, that is also handy.

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You can already see all users who have a certain badge from the badge page, clicking on a specific badge:

To extrapolate even more detailed data, use the Data explorer plugin.


Can’t believe I missed this simple trick.

Thank you All :slight_smile:

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