Ability to close a topic you started

Many members on my forum have requested the function for the OP to close its topic when the OP deems the discussion complete. Is there a way to do so? If not, any work around or interest for its development? Thank you!

Only staff and users at trust level 4 can close topics.
The workaround we adopt is that the OP need to flag is own topic (choosing “Something Else”) and ask the staff to close the topic via PM


Any plan to institute the feature in the near future? It would be a sensible option for many communities like ours where the OP leads and concludes the discussion.

It is not on any of our roadmaps at the moment. You could grant trust level 4 to the users that you wish to be able to do this.


Is it still not possible to close topics you have created? Would be great to have.

Would the solved_topics_auto_close_hours setting via the solution plugin be a reasonable alternative? The OP could set a solution which would automatically close the topic.

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