Ability to find topic for top links displayed on profile summary

(Drew) #1

The profile summary has a section for Top Links:

It’s not possible to find out where the profile owner has mentioned those links though using this interface. This section of the profile summary would be more useful if we could find the context these links were mentioned in.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hmm good point I wonder what the UI would look like for this, though? Where would that link go exactly? The focus is on the target not necessarily the post, so it can’t be giant.

(Drew) #3

Maybe some hyperlinked text “(view context)” with the same font size as the raw URL link on its own line or appended to the end of the raw URL?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Seems confusing, then there are two ambiguous links?

(mountain) #5

The immediate thought would be “search for it”.

I tried doing that with my top-most link. GitHub - javan/whenever: Cron jobs in Ruby (that, as-is)

It returned zero results.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I am generally in favor of this feature, if someone can produce a reasonable mockup of what it would look like.

(mountain) #7

How about using an icon to differentiate between the outbound and on-topic links? :link:

And use the display format the top replies and top topics have.

A quick mock up to get the visualizations goin’:

(Philip Battin) #8

Could be really cool if you could search for links and find out where they are being talked about. I can make a mock

(Drew) #9

Would clicking that icon send you to the context of the link?

(Sam) #10

If you’ll excuse a bit of sloppiness:

With a little CSS to compensate better for multiline links (or two multiline links, as the case may be). Maybe a bit too busy though?

I think the tiny raw link is fair game for removal though, to get some extra space. Same info tends to be contained in the link text, and is always available in the link itself.

edit - eh feeling like it’s a bit too much, after looking at it for a couple minutes.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Yeah double links is what I was trying to avoid really.

(mountain) #12

Yes. That way they are not ambiguous.

(Drew) #13

@codinghorror What do you think of purldator’s mockup?

(Jeff Atwood) #14

It’s… OK. I wonder if @commonpawn has ideas

(Philip Battin) #15

Here is how i think it could work - quick design draft made on my way to work.

Top links as displayed on my summary page

You see what links i posted and how many clicks that link i posted got.
Clicking a link here will take the user to the ‘detailed search’ page as mocked up in bottom of this reply

Links search in the ‘quick search’ area in the header

You can search for a specific link, e.g. google.com/analytics/12323 or a more open ended search such as google.com
As see above, discourse will suggest two popular links posted on the domain google.com/*
Notice the click count here is counting how many time people in total have been clicking google.com/analytics from all of discourse.

Detailed search
You can reach this by either clicking a link from a profile page or a search result in the quick search

I think it is cool if we could treat links as an ‘object/entity’ here. Just like when you search for images on pinterest - because it is not a freeform text search anymore, it is a specific entity you’re looking for.

Notice how the click count is split into individual posts, e.g. my post only got 12 clicks and the other guys post to the same link got 108 clicks

Flow overview

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Sure that looks great, @zogstrip can you adopt that layout on summary for top links?

As for searching for links, that’s a whole other feature request, and a fair bit of work, but the mockups look :ok_hand:

(Régis Hanol) #17

Sure thing :link: