Ability to follow a group

Hello, is it possible to track or watch all @mentions of a group? Here’s our use case:

We work on a project basis. The decision makers of every project is in a Discourse group tied to that project. Let’s say the online-forum group. If there’s a topic that everyone in the online-forum group needs to see, we @online-forum.

However, there are many people who may be interested in giving input or being informed of what’s being done by the online-forum group but who are not members of that group. So, I want @online-forum topics to be marked as unread for me, but I don’t want to be notified like the members of the group would be notified.


You can mention a group via @groupname if that group has enabled mentions in their group settings, and then everyone in the group will be notified of the mention. This functionality already exists, so I am unclear what is being asked?

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Let’s go back to the @online-forum example.

Abrahim, Bianca, and Charlie are members of the online-forum group and want to be notified whenever @online-forum is used on a topic.

Deborah is NOT a member of the online-forum group, but she DOES want an easy way to stay informed about the activities of this group in particular while not being overwhelmed with notifications.

One potential solution to this would be to have the ability to “Track” a group much like I can “Track” a topic. I’ll see a count of messages that’s mentioned @online-forum but I won’t be notified immediately like I would if I were a member of the group.


Saved searches should achieve this to some extent already, shouldn’t they?

If you create a saved search for @groupname it should notify you when there are new matches.


I didn’t know about this plug-in. Thank you for pointing me to it! A first read suggests that yes, that plug-in could do a lot of this.

I still wish that Tracking a group was an option so that we would have a more direct way of getting this done. The other benefit of having Tracking a group be an option is that I can see the group owner being able to add people as Trackers just like they can add Members.

I guess it depends on what tracking aims to achieve. If it’s just seeing when the group is mentioned then saved searches achieve that much, if you want to track activity by members of a group they each have an activity page:


It sounds like you’re interested in more than that though.

Having a group owner add people to tracking a group while not being members of that group is an odd limbo-like status. You could achieve the same by joining the group to receive notifications. If there are associated ACLs which you don’t want membership passing over, then a duplicate group purely for managing access could conceivably achieve this.

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