Ability to NOT close topics (after x posts) in some categories

My forum has approximately 50 categories and sub-categories.

I change the setting to automatically close topics after 100 posts because we don’t want topics too long.
Many of our users search assistance, when topics are too long they skip directly to the end and they don’t read anything :frowning:

Admins and mods usually use “replay as linked topic” for forking and maintaining sorted topics.

But we have special categories (not for assistance) where we (staff and users who help out and follow us for 14 years and even new users) talk about politics and economics or news of the world and other things.
In those categories the limit is useless and annoying because interesting topics easily reach 200 or 300 posts in a few days without needing to be forked.

Is it possible add to categories settings the ability to bypass the limit?