Aborting! CDN must have a protocol specified

@David and @Angus recently created this post that helped solve an issue we had exporting my site’s admin-created theme. After updating, we have another substantial problem, now no one can access posts or PMs at https://forum.ackerlygreen.com.

You can see the number of posts, but you’re automatically taken to the bottom of the page and can’t read anything. I attempted to rebuild the forum but received this error:

I can’t see any differences in the admin panel, and I can’t do the few things I know to get the site upright because of these errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you specified DISCOURSE_CDN_URL in your app.yml file? If so, make sure it has a protocol at the beginning (e.g. https://)

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The visible error on your forum is caused by the retort plugin. Once you manage to successfully rebuild, it should be fixed


Thank you @David. Much appreciated.

@david, I’m so out of my depth here, but this is what the CDN url looks like in my app.yml:

Should it be an absolute url as mentioned in your above response?

Yes, just add https: to the beginning


Thanks so much, the forum’s up and running again.