About cultural differences of layout of "community software"

(Seungmin Kim) #1

Hello, first of all i am not even sure its right place to post this topic, if it’s not, please tell me kindly. So, I am a developer, freshman on Discourse, from South Korea which is in Asia, and I was really impressed on both software design but also visual design of Discourse and today I registerd as a member of the translation team and this forum.

For now, I’ve contributed on translating tasks almost but less than 10% today. After I finished this, I also want to work on enhancing the main layout design, too.

As I wish to join on it, I want to remind you that people in Asian culture has their own definition of “visually comfortable layout of community” somehow. And, that makes a difference of UX design works of a software totally and it leads to make a barrier that prevents asians against using a advanced forum software like Discourse.

the major American forum based on Japanese UX design is 4chan, and Korean actually likes more gmail-like design (All examples in korean languages but: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/lists/?id=hit , http://todayhumor.co.kr )

I really have eager to introduce modern, artistic and graceful community/forum software “discourse” to Koreans. And, I want to know if there is a solution to reduce this “UX design” gap between western and oriental. Does anyone have any idea, please? (Actually, im not talking about making a template separately for each cultures but talking about reflect this “UX gap” problem on master project.)

(Michael Downey) #2

The default design is intended to be very minimalist. But the good news is very much customization can be done using CSS to achieve a very wide variety of designs. Check out some other Discourse sites for examples of what people have done. There’s also discussion here about how to achieve different customizations.

(Seungmin Kim) #3

I really appreciate your thoughtful reply on this topic. I was not sure my post would be welcoming here :wink:

Actually, same as the concept of Discourse, I am a real minimalist and I really don’t like making “customization” which will be only for asian as I mentioned at the very last sentence and that is why I posted this.

I wanted to reduce the gap on the UX design on “community software”. the major SNS facebook and chinese SNS weibo have almost same layout, the portal site like yahoo and korean one naver or daum have almost same layout, and mobile messenger IM or korean ones, kakaotalk, naver’s line have almost same layout, also youtube versus chinese todou and korean one pandora have almost same layout too!!

However, only community forum softwares do have all different visual designs by their cultures. and I just wanted Discourse to be the one who conquered the community software field in UX-wise in the whole world. So, I wanted to know any idea to achieve this.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Can you post some UX mockups of what you have in mind, Discourse incredibly malleable, you should be able to achieve quite a lot with very small modifications.

For example:

(Seungmin Kim) #5

Thank you for the reply. So, I am planning to change actually customizie the layount for running a community on Discourse in Korea after I finished translating work. I know American vs Japanese vs Korean they all have their own preferences which are challengeable to be converged. Majority in this meta discourse community, as I guess, is not considering about this and I wanted to refresh you about it, and plus to gather some idea about this if i could.

I will give you more suggestions about it as I work, and please kindly consider the minority like me so that Discourse could be even better.