[Accepted answer plugin] Add an ability to accept the initial (topmost) post as a solution

The Accepted answer plugin is very useful when my visitors are looking at a list of topics: it shows which questions are already solved, and which are not:

Sometimes, a question is solved in the initial (topmost) post, e.g.: https://mage2.pro/t/2530
But the Accepted answer plugin does not allow to mark the topmost post as a solution:

It leads to a situation when a question is actually solved, but the visitors do no see it in the list and think that there are a lot of unsolved questions on my forum.
So it would be nice to allow accept the topmost post as a solution in the same way as any other post.


This has been discussed and the Discourse Team does not see the value in making this change



Maybe we could add a Solved icon there, but the icon doesn’t actually mark it as solved, but instead it’s a JIT educational pop-up:

If you have the answer to this topic, please post it as a reply, then mark that reply as the answer. This is best practice because people tracking the topic will get notified about the solution.

Other benefits, that don’t need to be put into the JIT message, include:

  • By splitting up Question and Answer, we can infer more meaning from a Like given to one or the other. This is important e.g. for badges related to rewarding good questions vs good answers.
  • Better consistency. Most topics will be answered by someone else, so you’ll be trained to look for an answer presented as a link at the bottom of OP. Might as well stick with that convention.

In this particular example, your post is really a “FAQ” or “Documentation” post. The Solved plugin isn’t intended for content that starts off as already solved.


Now that we (and presumably many others?) are seeking to use discourse as a ticketing system, would the discourse team be willing to revisit this to allow the ability to accept the OP as a solution, as an admin option perhaps? There are many cases in my recent experience where I did not need to add a reply but still want to mark a topic or message solved.


Can you describe some uses cases where my proposed solution above would not make much sense?

Hi Erlend - happy birthday! :birthday:

You’re talking about the educational popup to nudge the user to reply with the answer, right?

That doesn’t work for me because what I want to do is mark tasks solved even if there is no reply. E.g. I start a ticket to invite someone to join the network, creating a staged user. They join up but don’t reply to the message, and there are then other messages that will be used to continue engaging with the person. Replying just adds some extra communication that is not needed. I still want to mark it solved so I can see directly on the message list that it’s done and resolved.


I agree, this is exactly one of the valid use cases for the OP’s request. We have this need as well.

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