Mark as Solution feature?

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I have noticed that when you mark posts as solved, you can only do this on the comments to an original topic post, not on the first post itself.

I have seen situations where a user may posted a question, only to end up finding the answer themselves, but then updating the same initial topic post with the details of the answer (for everyone else’s benefit) - there is no way currently to mark that original topic post as the solution - other than the standard [Solved] prefix.

I have actually just done the exact thing myself on a different topic, which is what reminded me of it.

Would this have any merit for a future feature?


Maybe, but note that this is a plugin, not plain old Discourse: Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin)

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As a workaround you could have replied to yourself with the solution :wink:

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Hi @KevinWorkman, ah I didn’t realise that, I only really see the front end of our Discourse solution, so I’m not familiar with the install/setup/configuration as such - thanks for letting me know. I guess then, as a plugin, it’s unlikely to change.

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lol, thanks @zogstrip, the amount of time I already spend talking to myself is fairly high though! :wink: Additionally, I seem to remember a little div popping up on the forum telling me to not post again and again and again with replies and instead to update the post - I was trying to be well behaved :slight_smile:


Eh, I wouldn’t say that plugins are less likely to change than plain old Discourse. In fact I was mostly letting you know it was a plugin so you could @ the developer of the plugin (who happens to also be a developer of Discourse) directly.

I’m not saying it definitely will change (especially because I like the reply-to-yourself option better myself), but I wouldn’t completely dismiss the idea of a plugin changing either. Some of them are under pretty active development.

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Ahh! I didn’t realise, sorry, apologies for any offence caused, not intentional - didn’t realise about the plugins also being developer here, assumed third party / another site etc. Have just seen the plugins forum so will head over there and reference back this thread too - thanks :slight_smile:

Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin)
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