Access denied errors from Amazon S3

Images in my blog post are starting to show up as access denied from Amazon S3

I haven’t changed any s3 settings in the past 4-5 months. Did something go wrong for me?

How can I fix it?

Look in the AWS web console at the S3 bucket alittlebitofspice-comments-backup and see if the file optimized/1X/4b9d7dfd565a6057b2b981c07bebc792fac6ffe6_1_690x388.jpg is still there? If so, do the permissions include Read for Everyone?


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I don’t see the image there. I see a lot of hashed image URLs and its all profiles pics, none post pics.

It’s the same with the “original” folder too

on a side note, I noticed an expiration rule:

Does this disappearance have anything to do with that? If so, how can I restore?

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This is most likely cause.

Try this simple guide for restoring an archived object:

You should find your image in the archive if the expiration rule was the cause of the disappearance.


I checked the bucket/folder and the “deleted” images aren’t there.

So I wrote another the response as another post since the issue now is no more about s3 bucket and versioning (or that’s what I think)

Can you please take a look?

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