Accessing Database

I am trying to access my database via a GUI (Psequel).

I forwarded the port setting from my container as such:


  <standard definitions>
  - "15432:5432" # PostgreSQL

Also changed my password as such:

./launcher enter app
su - postgres
ALTER ROLE postgres WITH PASSWORD '<your password>';

And I am unable to access the database. Any suggestions?
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If you only need a static snap shot of the database then from https://<site>/admin/backups download a backup. It should be a *.tar.gz file and when uncompressed will be a *.sql file. Create a PostgreSQL database on another machine, which could even be your laptop, and then import the *.sql file.

Now you should be able to access the data all you want with any means that can connect to a PostgreSQL database.

I use the above but access the Discourse database in PostgreSQL via ODBC.


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ok good idea.
Actually I figured it out. It runs on port 5432 also in the container.
it should read:

  • “5432:5432” # PostgreSQL