Accidental slide menu on iPhone when swiping right

I just swiped right on my iPhone and got the hamburger menu instead of the previous page. It took a little figuring out under which conditions this happened, but I can reproduce as follows:

  1. Tap and hold on the far left of the screen.
  2. Move SLOWLY to the right. The slide menu will appear.
  3. If you move too fast, the menu will close again.
  4. Move slowly to the top and to the right, this will draw out the slide menu.

It take a bit of fiddling and it’s tricky to get right. I don’t think it’s a big issue, but it took me by surprise when it happened.

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You have to scroll really slow to trigger this, swipe to go back it’s meant to be a shortcut, taking this long to trigger the gesture isn’t a short anything.

That said, do we need a gesture to bring in the hamburger on iOS?

From what I understood so far, this isn’t supposed to happen at all - left/right swiping should always bring you to the previous/next page.

I just got the hamburger menu three times in a row doing a fast swipe because I had clicked on the wrong topic while trying to click this one. Fourth time I got the page back like I was trying to.

I have also seen this on my own instance but was unable to reproduce it with any consistency.

Very irritating to not know what will happen when swiping.

Edited to add: just had it happen on another Discourse site.

I’ve noticed this as well across multiple Discourse sites I use.

@featheredtoast is aware of the problem. It will be fixed.

There’s already a topic with similar reports. Sliding menus on mobile reducing usability for some users


This particular one, with iOS doing both its back/forward action as well as opening the menu, was due to an oversight where I thought that the browser was overriding the touch event entirely. We ended up in a strange situation in which it both responds to the touch event… and also does the forward/back slide.

I really, really wish it would pick a side, and go with that.

Anyway, it will only respond to android touch events for menu opening events now here :apple:


Does this need to be backported?

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Yeah, I’ve got two commits in flight for the menu stuff, they both should be pretty safe to backport - I’ll mark them as such (thanks for the reminder)


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