Add a "curated personal learning" page for users

So, when the user pressed the Feature On Profile button, they would be prompted to choose an icon, and text?

That would be totally sweet.


I would default to some sort of generic icon, but yeah that is my thinking.

This mildly ties in to another thing that we have now in like 3 places I think I talked to @joffreyjaffeux before. We have no picker for font awesome icons.


I think this is a good idea, but should be done as a second step, as it’s much more complicated.

Mark’s first version will work for most people and doesn’t need a custom picker for example.


A picker for Font Awesome icons would be awesome!

But I think it’s mostly an admin feature, because it would require searching and displaying the full FontAwesome icon set, storing the selected icon and adding it to the site’s subset of SVG icons. IMO, a default icon (site admins can override it using a theme component) would be sufficient for this specific feature.


Version 1.0 of this feature how been merged!

Now for your own public topics (not in a restricted category), you will see a “Feature on profile” button

This will add a link to the topic in your user card

As well as in your profile for other users to see

Once the icon picker is complete, I am planning on re-visiting this to accomplish @sam’s suggestions. Feel free to give more suggestions and feedback!


Quick question since I am quite new to Discourse.

My understanding is that topics get locked for editing after some period. My intention for this feature is a long-tail of learning. Can I keep editing my own topic into the future?




Only way of adding a complete bypass on edit window today is making a post a wiki, not an ideal solution but that is all we have now, kind of makes sense in this context to add a special bypass


The concept of a topic being “featured” on a profile does not imply to me that it is never-closing, or should act like a wiki. That seems like a use case for the feature.

Of course I am not opposed to bypassing the editing window if I am incorrect.


Honestly I am not sure what the right thing is to do here, I do acknowledge the problem though

If a user is featuring an ever changing list of merchandise they are selling then they need freedom to edit the list

That said this is not the only use case for the feature

I wonder what @codinghorror and @eviltrout think here


Just to add a thought while it occurs to me:

If people (e.g. me) want a way to update our featured post (e.g. something new I learned today) then a way will likely be found.

For example the the poor mans feature is to start a new topic, copy & paste the content of the old topic, add the new thought, and update the featured topic. Of course this a horrible workflow and likely leaves behind a bunch of crappy duplicate posts so, of course, I’d prefer something officially sanctioned.



Another option is having a featured topic, that way you post updates as distinct new posts


I agree that there should be a mechanism to allow updating of this special topic. But I’m confused why a list of items would drive such a change to core.

I did see this requirement - displaying feedback or reputation. That makes more sense than a list of items for sale:

Wouldn’t sale items normally have their own topic or post so they are discrete with their own edit trail? Then items posted for sale would also need to be editable for a longer time to correct errors, clarify details, add more photos, etc.

So how do selling sites handle this - is there a plug-in that gives longer edit periods? If so then why not adapt that.


That could work.


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I think this works great for now and I don’t see an immediate need to add a special bypass for editing user-featured topics.

It’s much better to post updates in separate posts in the same topic as they happen instead of editing one post hundreds of times.

As for the use case on yoyoexpert, it’s not about the user posting things to sell. Those have their own topics elsewhere. It’s more about providing feedback about the transaction after you buy / sell / trade with them - sort of like Amazon reviews.


I just created a PR, which will need more work to get merged, but I think the UI around featuring a topic on a user profile is much improved.

Notice that the Feature On Profile button is inside the admin menu. This feature refactors the admin menu to include non-admin actions, if there are any.


I have only skimmed this thread but will read more thoroughly soon. I am working on a Reflective Learning plugin which I think solves the OP’s request. It adds a ‘Reflection’ section to the user profile to allow you enter reflection on what you have learned. In the future there are plans to add other features, but for now it’s a kind of learning record.

I haven’t done much on it in the last few weeks but will be returning to it in the new year.


Has this feature been released already? I’m seeing the option to “Feature On Profile” on, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Nothing shows up on my profile after selecting that button.



It’s being pulled from there, the primary place to get to this is in your user preferences.


Is there some sitewide setting needed to enable this? I can see the feature here on Meta but not on my own site.



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The feature can be disabled with the allow_featured_topic_on_user_profiles site setting. That setting is enabled by default. When the setting is enabled, users should see a Featured Topic section near the bottom of their Preferences / Profile page.