Add a table to your post using markdown

Hi, creating tables in Discourse composer is easy. Just create a table in Typora or in another amazing markdown editor, and then copy and paste the whole table into your post. Don’t forget to use <br> as line breaker in your awesome table :slight_smile: .

Typora is free until is in beta status.


If you find creating tables to be a common task on your Discourse instance, you might be interested in this Theme Component, which provides a simple GUI:

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i don’t know if it was mentioned but it’s super easy to do this by copying and pasting from Excel or Google Sheets. it does the markup for you when you paste into the text box. i work with sports stats a lot (we have a sports related forum) and i work between Discourse and spreadsheet apps often and have made large data tables in posts. i’ve also copied PDF tables into my posts this way (using a spreadsheet app in-between).

for example i run some of the local sports pools on our site and i use a custom Google sheets app i built to manage all the player data and stats. at the end of each week during play season, i post updated weekly and cumulative results directly from my automated spreadsheet reports. i’ve made complex markdown tables this way in less time than it took for me to type this last sentence.


What do I do with that snippet?
EDIT: Found it. Make CSS changes on Your Site

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How do I make it with only 2 options

You can click on the table and delete rows and columns if you have more than you want.