Add custom registration question to prevent spam signups

Hi there. We set up Discourse to power but we get spambots from random IPs signing up and submitting messages “suspiciously fast”. While we could try to moderate those messages, I would like to add an additional custom hurdle to the signup process, could be as simple as “type the word intercoin” and then a correct answer or answers would allow login.

I am sure it is easy to add if you know Ruby but perhaps there is already a plugin I can install, which modifies the view and controller for registration to reject registrations that don’t have a correct answer?

Please link me to how to install this plugin. Are there several such plugins?

Since people could register with Google or Facebook, another option would be to keep showing people a question and not activate them as users unless they answer it. I would even recommend having a “Questions the admins want you to answer” feature as facebook has in their Groups.

Maybe user fields can help you out where they could type the word. However, if they got it wrong it cannot make them re-try. Perhaps not the best solution but give it a shot?

There is no plugin though, for “Answer Questions before being activated?”

Like Facebook has.

You might have a look at Optional global invite code. You could, perhaps, add the invite code to your header so that a human could see it. Note, though, that lots of spam is created by humans these days, so that won’t help.

Are you using Akismet?

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