Low Friction Sign Up Flow


I am trying to encourage users to answer questions on my forum but not requiring them to sign up before doing so.

In the flow I am thinking, a non-registered user sees a question they want to answer, have a text field for the answer, and a text field for email. That is all. Once they submit an answer with email, they get a confirmation email, and before confirming the account the answer does not get posted. When they click on the confirmation link we set them up properly with password and username. We already have the email.

Does anyone know if this is available either through options or plugins? If not, where are the best resources to go to to get a Discourse developer to implement it? Or is it simply not possible?



It is certainly not impossible. Some sites have similar systems.

It would however be quite costly to build, I would easily estimate 2-4 weeks of full time work to get a plugin like this to work.

You have to be extra careful with spam and security.


Thank you very much Sam. Would you mind sharing some sites that have something similar built? I can checkout their implementation.

I mean … some non Discourse sites, Stack Overflow does something more or less like this.

There are no Discourse sites I know about that have this plugin built.

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