Add external change password link

I am using Discourse with a WordPress website where WordPress is the SSO provider.
As WordPress is the SSO provider, you can’t change your password within the Discourse user settings.
Would it be possible to add a button, in the Account settings, which links to my main website to that the user can change his password?
Here is a mockup of what I would like to have:

So any ideas about how this would be possible?

This isn’t below, but would appear above all of the preference pages, and it is what we use for our SSO scenario (I should really turn this into a #howto)


Thanks for your help.
I actually found a way to solve my issue myself.
I edited the account.hbs file in the password settings to this:

<div class="control-group pref-password">
  <label class="control-label">{{i18n 'user.password.title'}}</label>
  <div class="controls">
    <a href href="" class='btn'>
      {{fa-icon "key"}}
      Change Password

Hmmm… I’m not 100% sure that setting/template should be loaded when SSO is enabled, so overriding it might not do anything. I know on our Production instance (which isn’t latest), we do not see the Change Password field/setting in our User Preferences.

cc @neil


@cpradio I removed the lines which hide the password field when SSO is enabled.
They are also located in the account.hbs file.

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From your posts it sounds like you edited files directly - please don’t do that! 1, if you edited them via the ssh they will simply be overwritten upon the next update. 2, if you edited them in a way that replaced the files upon each update, your going to break something. Please be sure to make changes to Discourse via customizations in /admin or via a plugin.


The account.hbs template will be shown even if SSO is enabled. The fields might not be editable (depending on your settings), but you’ll be able to see their values.