Add 'not now' option when offering to enable AI image captions


These are the choices? Either conform immediately or it’s dead to me?

Can we please have a third, “not now” option?

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The “Don’t ask again” is exactly that, as the modal says you can toggle it anytime on your preferences.

What about an “ask every time” option?

Adding a pop-up that will bother you on every single post ?


Maybe? I don’t want that, but I think that’s the request.

The request was “ask me again later”

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‘Ask me later’ with ‘defer for a day’ under the hood might be a nice middle ground between the two current options. I think people often click ‘go away’ when they haven’t got time to decide and then forget the option exists (and therefore won’t go into their preferences to find it).


Yes. This, exactly.

I was in the middle of something when the dialog popped up and I did not want to get distracted by this new topic

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Why should we ask that from users in the first place? We should let admins decide as it happends everywhere else where is anykind automatized system in use.