Add Optional Profile Message Button for Non-Members

As a User I would like a Message button on public profile pages which kicks off the sign-up/login flow so I can deep link non-Members to my Profile page and allow them a clear path to initiate a private conversation.

Button should appear next to the Summary drop-down as a secondary CTA.

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This would need to be a plugin, and maybe even opt-in on top of that, as it is a route to harassment for many users.

I see where you’re coming from so let me provide a little context. I’ll be sure to go back and read the audience building blog post again—but last time I scanned over it I don’t remember seeing this kind of use case covered.

Imagine you’re a health guru. You have a large audience who’s pinging you constantly through WA, LINE, Messenger, Telegram, and SMS asking the same questions over and over. You’ve decided to use Discourse to start disseminating information and are considering centering more of your time there for private comms.

You ask your users to send you a message on Discourse. They get there and quickly become stumped because it’s not clear they need to Log In before sending you a private message.

Harrassment can mean many different things depending on the individual. To me, harassment is a pop-up message on every website I visit telling me a site uses cookies (when everyone knows the Web has cookies). But when user comes to Discourse and they wan’t to talk to someone it’s not clear to them how to do it.

A PM is the last thing you’d want in this scenario. You want to point them to public topics that answer their FAQs, yes?


Yeah, good point. Believe this is case closed from my perspective. Thanks, Jeff.

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