Add rel="amphtml" to head - any tips?

I don’t like the way the administrator is discussing the issue, I see him abusing his authority.
This is my personal opinion anyway, I have no intention of changing this source code.

I want to implement AMP for my discourse!

I have created a template with url like:
example: or

only mobile:

And now I’m looking for a way to insert the above url into the to declare the AMP page.

example: <head> ... <link rel="amphtml" href=""> ... </head>

Can someone help me with how to do it?

Why? AMP isn’t really compatible with JavaScript apps like discourse. Amp is for relatively static news and blog web pages, not apps.

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Because the page was created to create news articles, blogs.
Should optimize the load as well as search results is an optimal choice.

I am afraid that would require completely rewriting Discourse from scratch, as in making it no longer a JavaScript app — if you really need amp that badly, choose a different free open source software.