Add richer individualized data to digest - TripAdvisor style

Any chance to consider a newsletter style emails per user highlighting statistics of their posts and topics?

It could have the number of views and likes for all topics (and maybe posts if possible) and the number of likes at the top of the email, with most viewed topic and most liked topic in the body.

Also can mention the next badge that can be earned by the user


It sounds kind of intriguing, but could you please update your posts with screenshots from TripAdvisor and possibly some mockups of your own?

I’d like to see something I as a user would be genuinely interested in seeing in my inbox.

Also, I doubt I’d want to review this type of information more frequently than every month, at most. Probably bi-monthly.

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I like these concepts but I think they should be available on your user page

  • the posts you made that were most liked (your “greatest hits”)

  • who you liked the most, who liked you the most

  • popular topics you created

  • next badge progress


totally agree with you @codinghorror, would be great to have this on the user page but also as a periodic newsletter, maybe monthly? check out the one from trip advisor, i always enjoyed reading them emails :smile: they are sent once a month

and in the same email:

since my community is still in infancy stage, every encouragement to early users is highly appreciated


Just dropping a couple more ideas I had in here for safe-keeping.

Unlike the kind of “progress bar for your forum participation” already suggested, I figured this system should also encompass “anything interesting you might have missed”. This kind of info is best done in bulk instead of a steady stream though, or else it’s just another New/Unread that you’ll be reading intently every time you visit.

  • Trending topics you might have missed (i.e. topics high in Top that you have not read)

  • Topics matching saved searches that you haven’t read yet.


I vote for user page + newsletter, periodic email is more engaging and tell me “Ehi man, you rock go ahead!”


Are we all assuming that this information would be an enhancement to the existing digest? (That’s how I’m interpreting it).

/cc @erlend_sh

I certainly think that’s the approach most worth pursuing, yes. We shouldn’t be adding yet another email sendout; we’re close enough to email overload as it is :sweat_smile:

OK, I updated the title.

I believe most of this is met by the new summary tab on the user page, which is the default tab?

I wonder if some of these stats could show in the summary digest emails we send to inactive users, perhaps.