Add right hand column to default layout

This would be awesome in conjunction with a right hand column, which could be used for dynamic (tho mostly cached) content such as:

It could also be used for static info, such as links to frequently asked questions, info for newbies, events that may be going on, pinned threads, links to about page etc. It would make the homepage more of a homepage imo :smiley:

On the site in the image above, we start that col with a randomly chosen picture from the member galleries, and end it with some small banners for our sister sites. It also includes a ‘latest threads’ block though obviously that wouldn’t be need on Discourse. The possibilities are endless.

Currently without something like this the page looks somewhat barren - which makes me think you were planning something like this anyway :smiley:

Edit: Can we keep the same category ‘box’ style in this new position too btw? I hope so.


I moved this to its own topic because it had almost nothing to do with the topic it was posted in.

No plans for this at the moment, but I concede that for those that want a right gutter in their topic list layout, one less column in the topic list certainly makes that easier.


If you search for “sidebar” in the #plugin category, you’ll find a few that add a right column.


We would find something like this very useful as well.

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