Add security category in Discourse

  1. I didn’t find an information security category for the Discourse. I find this subject interesting, nowadays there are many data security policies such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It would be interesting to discuss these matters in this category.
  2. A good example of this is Bitwarden, which has several information security policies such as the CCPA - California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Privacy Shield, among others.
  3. These security policies aim to make a system or software auditable, secure and transparent for customers, employees, partners and users.
  4. We may discuss these matters in this category in order to always improve the transparency, security of Discourse
  5. I’m not an expert in the field of information security, but there may be users or people interested in improving Discourse with security. With this complementary objective that this category can be important.
  6. I cited Bitwarden as an example of a company and software that has several information security policies, my goal is not to disclose this company/software. My goal is just to refer to something that already exists and see if that makes sense to Discourse.
  7. Perhaps in the future Discourse will want to have multiple information security policies. This category could be relevant to enable this dialogue.

In short, by adding the security category we are talking about these things

  • this category involves an area of ​​software security policies,
  • questions about data security policy
  • improve Discourse security
  • possible flaws to be fixed
  • We can in this category minimize the risks of Discourse failures or vulnerabilities. By understanding and seeing different points of view.

Don’t know if you’ll find this information useful, but Discourse’s dev team has an account on Hackerone:

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I think having a #security category isn’t a bad idea. That said I’ll pass it around the team to see what they think.

We do have security policies in place. You can find that information here:


Thank you so much for the feedback, you are amazing