Add to homescreen banner on Android

Strange it’s working fine here.

Oh, I see the OP got it working after a reboot.

From the OP description (and being on Android forever) looks like he was running out of ram and the Android intent dialog was borked. But let’s keep and eye for that.


Hey Falco,

Great job, thanks for this.

Couple of questions:

  • I am using https on my site now. But I do not see this add to home cta popup on my android running chrome.

  • Can we access Discourse notifications (meant for the browser) using javascript in the container. For example loading Discourse in an android browser container in an app, read any notifications being pushed by the app to the browser and pop it up as android notification.

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Can you share the url?

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Nice work!

When can we expect to see this hit the hosted versions of discourse?

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Pretty soon, give us a few days for the header changes to stabalize, will deploy hosted sites next week some time.


Ah ha! “Add to Homescreen” was in Chrome 31, which I misread as 51. Carry on! :thumbsup:


After using it for the past week and this, I think we should change

display: 'standalone' back to display: 'browser'.

Losing the URL bar is really painful for sharing pages and reloading when you’re scrolled all the way down.


Which pages? Isn’t the link icon always available?

I am not following, why would you need to reload when scrolled down? Just to get back to the top of the page? The progress bar should work for this?

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On pages like topic list, about, and user profile, I need the URL bar in order to copy the link so that I can paste it somewhere.

The link icon on topics will work but it is an extra press in order to get to the URL so that I can copy it.

On topic-list page, I have this habit of using the URL bar to refresh and return to the top of the list. I just realized I could have clicked on the home logo to achieve that.

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Despite my comment above re: knowing which topic you’re in, I don’t agree with this…

I think overall the experience is better without the URL bar - or at least, that’s the main differentiator to me.

You can always tap and hold on links to copy the URL anyway.

I’d at least recommend living with it for a while longer to get more feedback…


Perhaps for future consideration mobile could have a fixed url or share icon as part of persistent header. That should be the main part of the url and we should encourage sharing as much ad possible. I had tried several sharing widgets in the past but they seemed to always conflict with something in the ux. personally, i havent seen as much sharing from our communit as I would have expected.

Anyhow, looking forward to the new add to homescreen options.

Funny, I never found it that difficult to share: The :link: button has sharing widgets behind each and every post, even on mobile. Which means there are 32 (and counting) such opportunities to click/tap to share on this topic page alone.


how does not having the URL bar make the experience better? :thinking:

On any other page, it becomes a lot more difficult to share the current page isn’t it? :smile:

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That many fewer pixels taking up precious mobile real-estate (which don’t match the visual design of the app).

I think you’re right that there is some convenience lost here. The question is whether it outweighs the benefits of losing the URL bar. Do enough people use the URL bar to share pages to warrant keeping it? Of those people that do use it to share, is there another way to do it that works well enough for them?

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My 2 cents:

I really understand where @tgxworld is coming from, but adding the browser chrome would loose us too much.

Right now, it provides a very big “app feel” that people wanted so much, plus a continuous presence in the home screen and app switcher.

Plus, I don’t think people share non-topic pages often, since topics are the forum meat and the rest is just the bum :laughing:.


On Android, Chrome hides the URL bar when it isn’t being used. I’m sure if this is the case for older versions of Android though.

The addition of the “app feel” (which to me is just the removal of the URL bar) does not add any benefits yet it took away a “feature” that certain users like me rely on. Add to home screen as a shortcut to the browser is decent enough and on Android 6 each tab in the browser is a tab in the app switcher.

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Wouldn’t that feedback be best addressed to the Chrome team? The behavior is the same for any web site when you use that “Add to Home screen” feature.

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This is not related to the Chrome team. It is a setting that is configurable by us. You get to set the display attribute to “standalone” or “browser”


Yep, I’m on Android. I prefer not having the URL bar appear every time I scroll up. I scroll up for many reasons, not just to see the URL…

(And you can always visit the site in your browser if you prefer the URL bar)


I want to access it through the add to home screen app icon though :frowning:

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