Adding a custom link to User profile secondary navigation

I’ve been exploring a possibility to add an extra link to the secondary user navigation. I couldn’t find any example of the same so I really don’t have a clue if it is possible or not?


The idea here is that we want to add a manage subscription button below the navigation which takes the user to external site where they’re able to manage their subscription.


It’s possible to add a link in a theme component. There’s a plugin outlet in that list

So, if you add something like this to a theme component

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="/connectors/user-preferences-nav/sub-link">
  <a href="foo">My link</a>

It will add a link in that area. Note that the plugin outlet already handles the <li> tags, so you won’t need to add them in the component.


Thanks @Johani that’s is a Good starting point!
I’ll start working on it and will share my results