Adding staff color before actually posting

Hi I’m not sure if this is possible or not but I really can’t find such a setting anywhere, maybe this is a feature request. Would it be possible if a moderator/admin can choose to add staff color before even posting?

  • Posting and then adding color just takes more time and sometimes can be forgotten
  • Posting and then adding staff color adds an ‘edited’ icon to the post and that’s not a good option when we’re posting accurate and very important matter such as a security post! When staff post a security post it’s important to note that the post has been carefully written by an expert and it’s not nice to have an ‘edit’ right after - I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you!


I guess a good place to add that would be here


You can hide these edits as an admin / moderator by pressing the :pencil2: icon and then ‘hide revision’


Yes, thanks! I’m already doing that! But for some reason when I was writing the post, I tried to check in incognito and the icon was still there don’t know how, and now I checked and it’s working fine, but still I think it’d be good if we have this option!

I agree either there or maybe here:

Thanks! :+1:

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