Adding virtual currency / points


I suggest adding a module for virtual currency or points.

With the ability to choose for what and in what quantity they will be awarded.

For example, for creating a topic, for commenting, for visiting a site, etc.

You can think of many areas of application.

For example, some sites pay real money based on the number of these points.
This way you can increase activity and quickly fill the site with content.

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There is the Discourse Gamification plugin. It’s based on point, though. It could be used as a baseline to extend it with other features.


Yes, I saw it. But aren’t points based only on the number of likes?
// I ask because due to my poor knowledge of English I could misunderstand

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It’s based on various criteria, likes included, such as:



I understand. Thank you.

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You can also award/deduct points manually using the API (How to integrate Discourse Gamification with an external system (redeem and award points)), which you may find useful?