Addon for polling MantisBT?

We have a suite of tools used for developing & supporting our 20-year-old FOSS.

There are add-ons that let several of our tools share content or synchronize … sometimes bi-directionally. MediaWiki is the ‘elder statesman’ and has the most integration tools.

The integration add-ons are :

What I’d like to see is a “solution” function for Discourse that, instead of linking to a thread post, has targeted links to a MantisBT report/request, a GitHub PR, and/or MediaWiki page. The solution could cite the description or page name from the Target, and the status, where possible. (See MediaWiki’s MantisBT extension for the scope of data it can display.)

It would be great if it monitored those for updates on an aging thread basis shortly for fresh threads, daily for threads started <30 days, monthly/quarterly for stale threads, and never when status markers indicate the linked destination is no longer dynamic. And with on-demand updates triggered by a registered user checking the stale thread. Changes in the linked Solution should make the thread ‘fresh’