ADFS Authentication

Dear All,
i am trying to setup ADFS authentication with Discourse but dont see basic steps to configure. If you dont mind, can i request your for your help and share basic config at both side ( Adfs and Discourse)
I mean attribute and other basic setting at ADFs side and Discourse side.
Not sure if you can share screenshot Of configurations from both side.
I am sorry, for all these request as being very new on this forum.
Hope we can sync AD group as well ?

Azure AD? Check out OpenID Connect Authentication Plugin, be sure to review the Provider Specific Notes.


Thank you for your quick revert, this is not Azure AD but windows 2012 R2 server. Do we have any documents or steps from
Where i can get detail ref#

Once again thank you so much.

We don’t have specific support for ADFS. But in a quick search, it looks like ADFS can provide an OAuth2 and/or SAML interface: Using AD FS for client authentication | Pexip Infinity Docs

You might be able to get that working with our OAuth2 plugin: