Admin is allowed to make topic unlisted several times

as a result of slow web connection, I had unlisted this topic wrongly several times. perhaps after the first time I should have got a warning or whatever that the topic has already become unlisted.

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Good point, if it is already unlisted we shouldn’t allow it to happen again, additional requests for the “same” state should be ignored (applies to most topic states). Can you add this to your list @eviltrout?


We ran into this recently, but with closed. Tried to run a bulk close (66 topics), overloaded the server, and when it came back up had 22 closed posts. (We’ve since moved to a beefier server.)

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It’s surprisingly difficult to do this in a generic way for all topic statuses. However, I did manage to get it working for open/closed/listed/unlisted/archive/unarchived/autoclosed - getting it to work for pinned is much harder.