Admin login with discord sso enabled and forced

Hi there,

I want to restrict access to discourse only to users loging in over discord. A user should be directed directly to discord to login and get redirected from there back.
That´s easy so far. But I need to have some Admin account enabled and available, that I can use directly. Thought of something like “email login” triggered from console like “rake send-me-the-holy-link-please” or something like this.

  1. Is this possible over console
  2. Anyone has a better idea ? :slight_smile:

Thanks guys and Cheers,


any admin can use to login to the site even if sso is on


Anyone have a better idea ?

That´s much too easy :smiley:

Thank´s man !.. That does the trick!

And I was so proud of my holy mail idea :smiley: