Admin User Dashboard - Mobile Stats

There are a number of development efforts I’m aware of to create mobile apps for use with Discourse forums. Given these efforts - it would be very helpful to have mobile stats that differentiate between the two methods of access - native apps vs. mobile browser.

Is it possible to add these statistics to the Admin Dashboard? What would the App developers need to do, so that the app accesses/api calls are differentiated from the regular mobile browser calls?

One could use a specific HTTP header/API key to differentiate between browser and native app usage.


Right now, requests are detected as mobile if the user-agent matches /Mobile/ - so you could use that.

Its a pretty theoretic problem at this point when there is a native app out there we can look at it. As a simple stopgap I would assume it had a unique useragent and google analytics would be totally fine at picking that up.

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Hi, is it confirmed that Google Analytics picks up and tracks activity of a Discourse site within the Discourse app?