Advice on Installing Plugins

I’m new to administering a Discourse forum, so pardon this question.
I’m considering installing about 10 plugins listed at onto our new Discourse site.
Before I go ahead and install them, I’m wondering if there are any ‘gotchas’ that I should be aware of? I’m thinking of things like compatibility issues, forsaken plugins, etc. Will any of the plugins listed cause potential problems with updates to the core Discourse engine in the future?

Is there a reference I can read that will give me an appreciation for the developer’s policy in this regard?

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Have you read through this?


@ondrej, thnx for the link.

Is it possible to install plugins from the Admin Plugin UI or does this have to be done by editing the app.yml file?

I’m beginning to see a bit of a trend in the admin aspects of Discourse.
It appears that the forum admin controls many parameters that a server admin role is usually responsible for, and here there is a need for ssh access to the server. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, nor desirable for that matter.

If they aren’t official, then there is some chance that they’ll break when you upgrade.

Yes, you’ll need ssh access to install plugins. Even with discourse_docker, which will let you upgrade without ssh access, you still need to do a command line upgrade a few times a year.


Desirable or not, that’s how Discourse is built and runs.

Discourse isn’t a website, it’s a Javascript application, and that application is built from the app.yml. Plugins are pulled down during that build process.

If you dislike the delineation and it’s going to have an operational impact I would suggest looking for a different open source discussion platform.