After rebuild: lost email association + digest spam every 6 hours

After upgrading Discourse forum to version b5bc430 last week, it’s currently sending out digest e-mails every 6 hours.

Last week was the first time I rebuilt the Discourse container after an upgrade (using launcher rebuild app), which I did due to prompt messages during the upgrade.

In the Discourse web UI, when I look at /admin/email/sent/ it looks like the association between “User” and “To Address” has been lost - e.g. pre-upgrade, user X is associated with e-mail address Y. Post-upgrade, no user is associated with e-mail address Y.

These may be unrelated issues, but I wanted to mention them both here since they both happened after the upgrade - and I was speculating that having lost the user association is causing Discourse to send the high-frequency digests.

Anyway, digest e-mails seem to only be sent to users who have not visited the site recently, as intended. But looking at the sent e-mail logs shows users receiving 4 digest e-mails in the past 24 hours.

Individual users reported setting their preferred digest e-mail frequency to every 3 days. I also tried clearing and resetting the server default values, with no effect (on the 6 hour mark, another digest e-mail went out).

If there’s any more info I can provide that would help, let me know.

Thank you!

I think if you upgrade again, you will find this issue resolved.


Highly recommend that you upgrade to latest. That bug was fixed in d51019ee :wink: