All internal links broken after restoring backup to new server

I recently moved a forum from one server to another. A few days later I discovered that all internal links have been changed and are now broken.

I am not completely sure, but here is what I think happened:

The forum lives on but when I was doing the migration to a new server, I initially set the new instance up as, so I could access it for testing without inconveniancing the users by taking down the old instance. Once I saw that the new instance was working, I reconfigured it as, did the DNS change etc.

Now I discover that internal links have been changed. Old links such as are changed to and this means that they are broken, since does not exist. As far as I can tell this has been done to every single link in the database.

What happened here? Did the import/restore process change all the links to include the then current (temporary) domain name?

How can I reverse this, i.e. change the domains on all the links back to the original name?

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You can remap topics to correct url as described in this howto:
Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?

you’d want to run something like discourse remap


Thank you very much!


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