Allow code Markdown in post titles




in a title, code does not prevent the user entering the post unknowingly – it merely provides visual accentuation. GitHub permits it in post titles.


is a demonstration of why this is problematic. As the linkifier shows (because the linkifier actually uses the correct title, you have to click to view the real one) the actual title Markdown is:

`snapd` `--edge` is 2.59.4, but `--beta` is 2.59.5

which is truncated into

`snapd` `–edge` is 2.59.4, but `–beta` is 2.59.5

If the codeblocks were parsed, it would fix this problem. However, usually, the problem is solely decorative. This is merely the most important example.


Yes, this would be nice. I’d be happy with italics, too — and maybe bold, as long as only one or two words are bolded, not the whole thing.

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