Allow moderators to add a member to a group?

@codinghorror @eviltrout is this feature going to make it, I also have a bunch of moderators, but I don’t want to make them admin just so they can move users to different groups…


Already implemented on latest, just add group owners to the group

@sam You lost me…

My question was in relevance to having a user as a moderator:

being able to add users to groups themselves…

Which right now they can’t… Could you explain me how exactly I do this? I pasted you some screenshots of one of my users who is a moderator (first screenshot) and when he goes on someone else’s account to add them to a group what they see is not being able to add them to groups…


Go to admin groups, add owner

I don’t see that… @sam

We have this version:

Click on the group, make sure you are running latest

@sam I don’t even know how to reply to that…

Did you see my screenshots? The version I am running is the latest…

Your explanation doesn’t really say much, but I am going to humor you… I clicked on Groups and I get two options:

Custom and Automatic

Under Custom I have the groups I have created. I don’t see a moderator group in there… should I add one?

Under Automatic, I see the standard moderator group, with my mods in it, but it doesn’t give me an option to allow the mods to edit groups…

I reviewed this again and I created a group, where I added the members to its owners group, but those users still cannot add users to groups.

I am an admin, I can do whatever… by my moderators cannot…

You have to go to the public group page to do that

Do you always reply with one lines?

Where is the Public Group Page?

Try searching for public group page, 4 results from top

Once you figure this out can you do a detailed howto to help others

At hospital on my mobile so my responses are a bit short

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Once you figure it out, we can add cross links in the UI so it is more discoverable. New feature so may need some tweaks.

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If I understand this right, an Admin should be able to go to a Group’s public page, like this:

and see a way to add an Admin.

two questions - where would that be?

and can we get it added to the group’s Admin view
so it’d be:



ok I figured out how to get the Public Group Page thanks to @watchmanmonitor 's post. My other admin clicked someone’s “officer” tag in their profile and that is how we found it.

@codinghorror, I think this public group page needs a link from either the Groups:

Also I hope i am not taken out of context in giving a suggestion.

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I still don’t see this, on my paid/hosted subscription, or self-hosted.

Does it take a rebuild to show up?

Yeah waiting for the composer refactor to finish stabilizing we will deploy next week


Yes I agree we should link to the public group page from admin will look at adding a link


This shows in github as a feature already… how will we know when we can use this exciting new feature?

I still can’t find this, even on my hosted forum… can someone point a relative URL to where I should be able to set a user a group admin?

Not sure, have not used this feature, you’ll need to ask @sam where it is… maybe he can post a screenshot. Not good that people can’t find it, this implies our UI is broken and/or we need cross-links to where they are looking…

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