Allow TL4 to see and use user-notes

Is there a way to choose confidence levels to post member grades? I want my TL4 members to be able to use notes on others too

unless you make your TL4 users staff they won’t be able to. the notes are limited to staff only (admin and mods) and there are no group or trust level settings associated with it. we use this plug in on our site and our mods love it. the system automatically writes related user events like warnings, silencing and suspension to the notes as well.

As Lilly says, there are currently no group or TL settings for this plugin so I’ve moved this into feature requests. :+1:


Why not use Category Moderators? iirc they can use user notes

EDiT: Just verified doesn’t work for cat mod. Might be an idea to do a feature request.

I want TL4 to use it too.

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thanks, so when i see that an app doesn’t have a feature can i ask for it by opening a topic in that category?

You can request additional features for official plugins in the feature category (tagged with the plugin’s tag for extra visibility). :+1:

If you explain your use-case and put forward a strong argument as to why you think it would be a useful addition to people who use the plugin it makes it more likely to picked up for development.

Requests for extra features to non-official plugins should be made in their plugin topics.